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Label Layouts

One thing that makes us unique are our custom labels.  Each label has a photo of a Portland landmark or some distinctive local location.
If you live in Southern Maine, you'll recognize most of these images.  If you are visiting "from away," they'll make a neat reminder
of places you've seen on your trip.  So enjoy our products as a tasty snack, and when you're done, maybe you'll want to hang on to
the container as a little souvenir.  Below are samples of just some of the labels that we put on our containers.  Note that during the holidays,
we sometimes bring out a few specialty-themed labels just for the occasion!  Call us for details if you want the holiday-themed labels.

Smoked Almond Label
Hiker's Trail Mix Label
Cashews Label
Nut Blend Label Butter Toffee Cashew Label Party Nut Mix Label
Holiday Mix Label

Cashews Holiday Label

Smoked Almonds Holiday Label

Product Group Shot Photo

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